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Treatises on winemaking, which flourished from the sixteenth century on, constantly highlighted the importance of this Ligurian wine, produced from the fragrant grape variety of the same name, when discussing the range of Italian wines.
It stood out thanks to its undeniable quality and the fame it enjoyed thanks to the brisk trade in Moscatello di Taggia in the markets of Rome and northern Europe, where it was one of the most expensive and most frequently imported wines.
In the eighteenth century, Moscatello di Taggia suffered a drastic fall in production, mainly due to the expansion of olive farming throughout western Liguria, which farmers considered a more profitable crop.
In the late 1800s, the widespread onset of epidemic vine diseases, particularly phylloxera, contributed to the reduction in the amount of land set aside for vineyards and the systematic abandonment of this renowned grape variety.

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